La Casa Verde

Getting to Santa Catalina


One of the best ways to get to Santa Catalina from Panama City is to take the bus to Santiago (Terminales Panama - David).  From Santiago, there are several options that include taking a bus the rest of the way (through Sona'), taking a taxi from the bus station or renting a vehicle at the Budget Car Rental near the bus station.  For great directions from Santiago to Santa Catalina visit this web site:   For more help assistance in arranging a transfer, email

Getting To La Casa Verde Panama when arriving To Stanta Catalina

Coming into the town of Santa Catalina on the main road, turn left at the paved road by the phone booth at the grocery store.  Take the very next right turn about 1000 meters after the grocery store this road becomes a dirt road.  In about 500 meters, there is a fork in the road.  Turn to the right and then turn left at the very first driveway -  this the entrance to La Casa Verde.  There is also a  green chain-link fence.  The House is located approximately 100 meters west of the Pizzaria Jamming.  Ricardo Brady is the Manager of La Casa Verde and lives about 200 meters West (To the right of La Casa Verde if you are facing the ocean) Ricardo and his wife Dydo will help you check into the house and make sure all of your needs are taken care of.

Find La Casa Verde Panama and Santa Catalina on Google Earth

 Search Google Earth for Santa Catalina, Panama to find us on the Globe.  Type in Coiba Excursions, Santa Catalina, Panama  in the "Fly To" search window.  Next to the Coiba Excursions Juanitas icon you will see two more for La Casa Verde Panama.  This is a great way to view La Casa Verde, Santa Catalina and the surrounding areas.  If you don't currently have Google Earth you can download it for free here: